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April 6th, 2008

lilgirlsummers @ 10:08 pm: Pregnancy signs
According to my chart, my fertile period was from March 29 to April 3. Hubby and I had sex on the 29th and the 30th. We did not have anymore sex during the fertile period.

That being said, how early did you experience signs of being pregnant?

Today I was cleaning a cage (I work in a veterinary office and was on this weekend for kennel duty), and got really dizzy when I stood up. My first thought, of course, was OMG is this a sign? My second thought was of course not b/c it's way too early and I definitely don't want to get my hopes up. I have also had to pee more than usual. The last time I was dizzy getting up from a kneeling position was about 5 years ago...long time.

Am I just psyching myself out or what? I have to wait until the 16th to take a HPT, and even then it might not show up.

This waiting game is so messing with my mind.

Cross-posted a lot, sorry for any doubles on your f-list.

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March 31st, 2008

lilgirlsummers @ 11:52 am: Introduction
Name and age: Colleen - 26 and Steven - 28

Occupation: Veterinary Technician and Software Engineer

Location: Little Elm, TX

Pets: 7 - Calibre (cat), Tucker (cat), Kit (cat), Ruthie (cat), BC (cat), Rascal (shepherd mix), and Heidi (shepherd mix)

How long have you been TTC: March 29, 2008 (3 days ago!)

What methods do you use to track your fertility: Not going to at first. We are going to just do our usual activity, and if we don't get pregnant by August, then I'll most likely start to use FAM

Any Basic Fertility Enhancers (specialty vitamins, lubricants, etc.): Nope

Any Prescribed Fertility Medications: Nope

Fertility Issues/Fears: I have this fear that I won't be able to conceive. Nothing to base it off of, just scared that I'll be one of the many women who can't get pregnant.

Birth Method: I would love to have a water birth, but I haven't looked into places that offer it around us yet.

Names, or Names-to-Be: Names so far

Will you be a Working or Stay-at-Home parent: I would love to be a stay at home mom. We will see what happens when the baby comes.

Breast or Bottle-Fed: Breast

Cloth or Disposable Diapers: Disposable most likely

Boy or Girl: Healthy baby first. I would love to have a boy first then a girl, just so big bro can take care of little sis :-)

September 15th, 2007

xo_ms_understod @ 03:45 am: I hope this is ok
I just joined this community. My family and I have just recently moved to Lewisville, Texas from Florida. We absolutely love it here, but it would be nice to meet other Mothers in my area. I have two beautiful children. Steven is 3 years old and Hailey is 2 months old. I will be married to Scott (30) for 4 years on the 18th. I am 24 years old and a stay at home Mom.

If there are any other Mothers in my area with children around the same age please comment. I'd love to get to know you and your family.

Thank you.


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August 9th, 2007

pogovina @ 09:43 pm: Baby rats for sale
Rats are incredibly intelligent and fun pets! Mine do tricks, such as sit up and beg, play peekaboo, fetch a ball and more! They're easy to care for and are full of affection. My 5 children aged 15 - 6 play with them without biting, runaways or "potty accidents". Even my ADHD 6 year old has no problems, the rats are gentle and have a long endurance for the rougher play that young kids can sometimes do.

Today the babies are 1 day old. You can already tell which ones are going to be dark like Annika, which ones will be hooded like Donovan, which ones will be capped and which ones will be light or albino. We appear to have 6 boys and 6 girls! I discovered last night that we have 2 with pink eyes, not 1,as I previously thought. They are the light pink babies at the top middle of the picture.

I'll be posting daily pictures on my journal to show their growth and development. 1 albino (of either, sex doesnt matter) is already claimed and I will be getting 1 of the dark eyed babies as well, but there will be 10 more to find homes for in about 5.5 weeks! Mom is a dark chocolate irish marked and Dad is a grey and white capped with "hooded" stripe down the back. Pictures available of parents. Both come from (seperate)local breeders (the breeders sell to my local pet shops and that's how I aquired them- I've contacted the breeders for breeding history and both are great breeders)and have good lineage, sweet demeanor and are very gentle and tame.

Know someone in the Houston area? I'll travel a short distance to deliver. If you're interested, comment here or email me at pogovina@gmail.com


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February 16th, 2007

sm00bs @ 05:16 am: Consignment Sales in the DFW area
Because I know how expensive it is to have a child and because these sales are just around the corner....

Just Between Friends

Divine Consign

Both of these sales offers a "first time mom" presale, and the Divine Consign sale has multiple locations. I've heard nothing but good about these, both as a shopper and as a seller, but I've never been to either. I have been to a Kid to Kid which is somewhat hit or miss, but you can find good deals if you hunt.

Crossposted to dfw_mothers.

February 13th, 2007

pogovina @ 02:21 pm: The Kyle David Miller Foundation and its message
I guess I'll start this off by giving a warning:
This is a serious topic regarding car seat safety and saving lives. It is intended to be educational in nature. Not a sob story or preaching. If you don't care to read it, please move on to the next post without guilt. It's your choice. If you do and you don't agree with it, you're welcome to state your opinion but please do so tactfully and with respect. Supportive comments are welcome as well.

Now that I've said that, I can get to the beef of the issue. Recently, KPRC channel 2 news in Houston had a story on their website about the Miller family. I'm sure quite a few people have already heard this story, and may have seen the powerful video that Kyles mother put on Youtube.com. For those that may not have and are interested in what has blown up into a nationwide cry out to parents and other caretakers, I am linking below. Kyle's mother has also asked me to share my story on her website and I am doing so there and have already done so on my lj http://pogovina.livejournal.com/20723.html (which also links to their video and website)

By sharing their and my story, hopefully awareness can be made that this can happen to anyone and preventative measures beyond what we are being told can be done to save childrens lives.

Thanks for your time :)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=azgBhZfcqaQ Kyles Video


Current Mood: determined
ngt826 @ 11:55 am: AT&T offers new parental controls with AT&T Smart Limits
I thought you might be interested in a new service for parents of young children. AT&T Smart Limits is a new all inclusive service offering parents a variety of controls to keep their kids safe. AT&T Smart Limits has industry-leading parental controls across its wireless, home phone, internet and TV services available today.

This innovative service is designed to provide parental controls across key services all in one place. We welcome parents to click here to learn more about parental controls and media: http://clickthat2006.com/attsmartlimits/consumer_landing.asp .

On behalf of AT&T

December 21st, 2006

mirandalola @ 09:56 pm: SEX OFFENDER REGISTRY
I'm a paranoid mom, and I am not ashamed.

I found the sex offender registry for the great state of Texas.

In just a few clicks, I came up with a list of all 19 sex offenders registered in my zip code. I was shocked to see how close to me some of them live. I was able to see pictures of them, what their offense was, risk level, whether or not their registration is current or if they are unverified, what age their victim(s) was(were), and map their addresses.

It ALMOST made me feel sorry for them.....

But like I told my husband: "If you don't want someone to come to your house and beat you up, then don't be a sex offender!"

*As a side note, if you want to find the sex offender registry for any state other than Texas, do NOT register with childsafenetwork.org. They will spam you like it's going out of style, and you will NOT get to see the sex offender registry like they promised!

So, with no further ado, here is the link to the Texas Department of Public Safety Sex Offender Registry:

Something ELSE you will find on the TX website is this link:
Which I have not investigated, but it claims to be a sex offender search for every state in the US.
But the Texas State site was great for me, so I didn't look into this national one much :D

Go there, search for your zip code or city or whatever, and be informed!
Oh, and just another paranoid reminder: Just b/c someone has never molested a child before doesn't mean they won't start now, with YOUR child. Be paranoid about everyone, NOT just previous offenders!

December 18th, 2006

mirandalola @ 03:08 pm: Pediatrician in Dallas?
Hi, I'm Miranda, my 8-month-old is Jack, his dad is Tim. Wish I had time for a good intro....

But we just got the letter in the mail that Jack has medicaid! Yay!

So, it's time to pick his pedi. My only requirements are
*Must listen to the child's mother, not blow her off when she KNOWS something is wrong with her child. I have a degree in biology, I never went to med school but I am pretty well-informed in the medical field, and I do NOT appreciate being blown off by my son's doctor.
*Must be breastfeeding-friendly.....and I don't mean just "friendly", I want a boob-nazi doctor. I don't want to have to argue with my son's doctor that breastfeeding is the best thing I am doing for my son's health!

If you have ANY info on ANY doctor you know of in the Richardson area, I'd LOVE to hear it!

Thanks so much!

November 20th, 2006

utn00b @ 07:43 pm: I hope this post is OK.

My company, Cingular Wireless, just instated a High Speed Internet sales requirement.

If you are wanting to set up at&t High Speed Internet already - I can help you do it - with the same deals as at&t. AND if you have a Cingular phone account - I can give you deals on the phone AND the internet service. ALSO - you get ot do it with me via my work email instead of calling in and waiting on the phone for hours.

I can even set up phone line services for you.

Email me if you are interested.

I wouldn't do this, but my store location is in an area that doesn't really have a lot of at&t ready homes - so Cingular's requirements are kinda --- stupid, lol.

Thanks - sorry if this is an incovenience.

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